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Engineering Services and Architectural Consultants (ESAC) has entrenched itself as bespoke consultancy firm in the fields of architecture, structure, infrastructure and development. As the name clearly implies, we provide one window solution and have a collectively extensive team with an experience of 35 years in the relevant fields. Our commitment and heuristic approach coupled up with cutting edge technology has revolutionized Customer’s experience.

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We Can Aslo Customize Our Services According
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What we offer to our


   Architectural Design

   Tender documentation

   Construction Drawings and documentation

   Renovation & Expansion of old buildings

   Architectural Design/Drawing Review

   Residence supervision for all types of buildings

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We work closely with our clients in a collaborative learning style to identify the challenges and develop
evidence-based solutions. Need our expertise to help solve your challenges? Reach out to us and learn
more about how we can solve the problem.

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