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ESAC’s affiliation with our parent firm Global Excellence Consultancy Group (GECG) in U.S. has benefitted us to be recognized globally. Our vision to create extraordinary masterpiece with a wow factor has pushed our teams to limits. Our expertise has earned as a reputation of epitome of excellence. Our client centric approach has made us stand out in the world of architecture and engineering with adherence of high-quality standards. All projects are completed in a timely manner with all the bylaws meticulously followed. We have certified Project Management Professionals that assures swift execution and timely delivery of projects. Usage of cutting-edge technology in the fields of architecture and engineering e.g., Building information Modeling (BIM), Autodesk, Rivit, Autocad, Autodesk Navisworks, Bentley Water Gems, Bentley Sewer Gems, etc. have made us achieve remarkable achievements in short span of time.

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